Managing Emotions – Intro 13+

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745 CHF (excl. TVA)

This is a 2.5 hour session and introduction to managing emotions and 1 personalised objective and coaching session (1:1) of 1 hour (with feedback). Whether it be at home, school, or work, alone or in social settings, there are pressures to act in certain ways and demands made on us by others in our lives. Being able to fly with ease across the dance floor of life and play the steps to have choice over your emotions in specific contexts. My children and husband used to be ready for attack as soon as I entered the door after a long day at work, each with their immediate demands and criticisms. Today, that is a thing of the past. A happy accident was that in so doing I now maintain a certain state at all times, meaning when any of them are hiding behind a corner trying to scare me…I just keep going as if nothing has happened like a rock…their dad, on the other hand, jumps through the roof. The game continues, now that one of them has discovered her stealth feet to follow me so silently so when I turn she is right there :). Being ready for anything and remaining calm is a choice. It is also a choice to known when you wish to display anger. It becomes a choice like a menu that appears at a trigger moment, from which you must select an option, always remaining unpredictable to ensure no unwanted new patterns emerge. If you would like to have this choice, this session offers and introduction to what is possible. 3-6 participants for main session, followed by 1.5 hour 1:1 personal objective & coaching session with feedback followup. Price 745 CHF (excl. TVA). Course is in English with bilingual option in French. For German please enquire.

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